Product Description

The PTFE Flow module is suitable for flow or stagnant measurements where the reagents or molecules are sensitive to interactions with titanium. The PTFE Flow module is similar to the Q-Sense Flow module QFM 401 but the titanium flow part is here exchanged for PTFE (Teflon®-like).

In addition to the tubing material, liquid samples in the PTFE Flow Module only come into contact with PTFE and Viton® during experimentation.

Additionally, the flow module can be completely disassembled, allowing thorough cleaning of the module components, for instance in an ultrasonic bath. Additional flow modules can be purchased to reduce the risk of contamination in a multi-user environment, and thus improve reproducibility and reliability.

The PTFE Flow module is compatible with the Q-Sense Explorer (previously Q-Sense E1) and the Q-Sense Analyzer (previously Q-Sense E4) systems.