QSense Analyzer

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QSense Analyzer

QSense Analyzer is the QCM-D instrument for fast sample processing at high quality.

The QSense Analyzer is a 4-channel system which increases the throughput and enables the evaluation of several parameters simultaneously such as pH, concentrations, substrates etc. Since the 4 measurements are performed with the same measurement sequence, the data sets can easily be compared to each other. Mass, thickness, viscoelastic parameters, adsorption rates etc can easily be extracted from the analysis software.

Product Description


4-sensor chamber enables higher throughput and simultaneous comparison of measurement parameters. Removable flow modules, one for each sensor, gives flexibility and simplifies cleaning. The instrument is compatible with all QSensors.


Flow modules and liquid handling system is designed to ensure controlled and uniform flow over the measurement sensors.


The analysis enables real-time monitoring as the events happen on the sensor surface. The system comes with a complete software package which enables quantification of raw data into mass, thickness, viscoelastic parameters, adsorption rates etc in the analysis software


The QSense Analyzer is the same instrument as the previously named QSense E4.



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