QSense Explorer Microscopy

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QSense Explorer Microscopy

QSense Explorer Microscopy enables simultaneous QCM-D and microscopy measurements thanks to optical access to the QCM-D sensor surface. The compact design of the measurement chamber makes it compatible with many microscopy sample stages.

Product Description

Simultaneous QCM-D and microscopy measurements

Simultaneous QCM-D and microscopy measurements open up a new world of possibilities to understand interactions and reactions taking place on the surface. The QCM-D data reveals mass changes and structural changes whereas the microscopy image reveals changes in shape and lateral movements.

QSense Explorer Microscopy is also a great system for QCM-D analysis of light or irradiation sensitive processes that may not require microscopy studies.

The QSense Explorer Microscopy requires a separate microscope that has a working distance of 3.3 mm and a bench to lens distance of 31 mm. Contact us if you need further guidance on compatible microscopes.


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