QTRAP® 4500 System

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QTRAP® 4500 System

The QTRAP 4500 System takes the legendary 4000 QTRAP Platform and intelligently re-engineers it to set a new benchmark for reliable quantitation and library searching – with 100-fold more full-scan sensitivity over basic triple quadrupoles in the same class.  The LC-MS/MS workhorse, intelligently re-engineered.

As one of the only triple quadrupole instruments with optional Linear Accelerator™ Trap technology, the QTRAP 4500 System enables powerful, unique workflows that deliver a new level of confidence in your data:

  • Uncompromising qualitative analysis with the world’s most sensitive ion trap
  • Simultaneous quantitation and library searching using the unique TripleTrap™ Scanning
  • Unique MRM3 quantitation workflow for enhanced selectivity in complex matrices

Product Description

TripleTrap Scanning with QTRAP Technology: Unique to SCIEX mass spectrometry platforms, QTRAP Technology delivers a 100-fold increase in full-scan sensitivity over basic triple quadrupoles enhancing qualitative workflows while the advantage of simultaneous quantitation and library searching workflows.

  • Simultaneously quantitate MRM scan data and perform full-scan library searches for non-targeted contaminants
  • Achieve a 100-fold increase in full-scan sensitivity over triple quadrupole instruments providing an enhanced level of confidence for forensic toxicology applications
  • Boost selectivity with quantitative MRM3 workflows — and reduce the need for extensive sample cleanup
  • Obtain comprehensive peptide sequence confirmation and simplify MRM assay development for peptide quantitation.

High-confidence library searching and fast eQ Electronics for UHPLC:   The 4500 Series uses proven eQ Electronics delivering polarity switching speeds of 50 msec and scan speeds of 20,000 Da/sec, creating a potent solution for detecting unexpected contaminants.  Combined with a single comprehensive library of thousands of QTRAP Spectra for library matching, contaminants at the lowest levels can be confidently identified on a UHPLC time scale.

           qtrap 4500 contaminant analysis
MRM3-enhanced selectivity:  MRM3 workflows provide enhanced quantitative selectivity when high background or challenging co-eluting interferences make standard MRM quantitation difficult.  This type of higher selectivity workflow can facilitate the quantitation of tryptic peptides in complex matrices and help avoid the need for labor-intensive chromatography methods.


qtrap 4500 mrm3


Drive productivity:  The Turbo V Source provides high-sensitivity analysis over a wide range of flow rates with quick-change atmostpheric-pressure chemical ionization (APCI) and TurboIonSpray Probes.  With functional flow-rate ranges from 5 µl/min to 3 mL/min, the Turbo V Source is the perfect match for narrow bore, standard bore, micro flow and analytical flow UHPLC flow rates, delivering unmatched desolvation and stability for the most demanding applications.


Turbo V


Proven QJet® 2 Ion Guide – enhanced sensitivity and simplicity:  The patented QJet 2 Ion Guide design yields improved ion containment and operates at higher pressures providing better collisional focusing to enhance ion transmission and increase sensitivity. The new design also reduces the gas load, allowing the turbo pump to run cooler in its ideal operating range. It all adds up to our most reliable LC-MS/MS workhorse ever – and with tool-free maintenance, routine cleanup of the QJet 2 Ion Guide can be accomplished within minutes.



Analyst Method Converter:   SCIEX is conscious of the fact that customers must consider the impact of method transfers on resources, time-lines, and data quality.  For this reason, SCIEX has created the Convert Methods Utility, an innovative tool that takes pre-developed Analyst MS-Methods established on the 3200, 4000, 5000 and even 5500 Platforms and updates them instantly for use with the 4500 Series for a seamless, accelerated integration.

convert methods


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