QTRAP® 5500 System

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QTRAP® 5500 System

The QTRAP 5500 LC-MS/MS System is designed to excel at metabolite identification, detection and confirmation of low-level pesticides, and protein/peptide quantitation for biomarker verification and validation. Redesigned from the ground up using our fast eQ Electronics but bred from our industry-standard triple quadrupole line of mass spectrometers, the QTRAP 5500 System brings in a new era of performance.

The QTRAP 5500 System also houses the most sensitive ion trap in the world – the  patented Linear Accelerator Trap – along with offering ultra-fast scan speeds and full MS3 capabilities.

  • Perform multiple reaction monitoring (MRM) scans for quantitation using this high-sensitivity triple quadrupole system.
  • Identify, characterize, and quantitate metabolites more quickly and easily.
  • Discover and quantitate targeted biomarkers.
  • Enable high-sensitivity, full-scan MS, MS/MS, and MS3 with high-selectivity from true triple quadrupole precursor ion (PI) and neutral loss (NL) scans.

Product Description


Innovation in linear ion trap technology:  Bringing LINAC Collision Cell technology to triple quadrupole/linear ion trap (LIT) instruments greatly improves the extraction efficiency, yielding up to a 100-fold gain in sensitivity in ion trap scan modes. You can also take full advantage of the 20,000 Da/sec scan speeds and unsurpassed LIT sensitivity to generate incomparable results. Improved excitation efficiencies and reduced ion cooling and fragmentation times will give you superior MS3 qualitative results and provide unprecedented selectivity for even the most challenging analytical assays.

Flexible and integrated system:  The QTRAP 5500 System will fit seamlessly into your lab’s workflow and boost your discovery productivity. Together with our powerful Analyst Software, this system offers a full complement of features to simplify every aspect of methods development and data acquisition and processing, including flexible control of popular LC platforms. This system can be configured to support 21 CFR Part 11 compliance. The system design enables plug-and-play sources to accommodate a wide range of applications and flow rates. Finally, you can pull it all together with advanced application software, including Cliquid Software, LightSight Software, MRMPilot Software and MultiQuant Software.

Identify more metabolites in less time:  The QTRAP 5500 System reduces the challenges of metabolite identification for the drug discovery and development pipeline. The enhanced speed and sensitivity of the QTRAP 5500 System enables much more efficient workflow possibilities for metabolite identification. The predictive MRM (pMRM) approach and the use of multiple precursor ion and/or neutral loss survey scans in a single analysis, including polarity switching, helps to find and identify lower-level metabolites better than ever before. When used with LightSight Software, it is a real workhorse for this environment and complements an accurate mass approach.

Validate protein biomarkers:  By using the MIDAS Workflow that takes full advantage of the QTRAP System capabilities along with MRMPilot Software, developing MRM assays takes only days, not weeks, and no peptide or protein standards are needed.


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