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    Rotational Viscometer

Rotational Viscometer

Alpha series

Alpha series rotational viscometers allow fast and accurate viscosity readings. They are low budget and easy to use.


Product Description


4 lines LCD display and keyboard controls

Languages options
English / French / German / Catalan / Spanish / Italian / Japanese / Polish / Dutch / Portuguese

Sound alarm 
Under or over range

Universal adapter
All accessories such as Brookfield (Optional)

Friendly user auto range
Display of maximum measurable limits

Displayed info
Viscosity (cP or mPa·s) % Torque

It checks the internal function in order to make the unit ready to use

Viscosity Reading
Relative and absolute viscosity.

Other features
Unit converter SI to CGS.
AUTO-TEST with sound and visual malfunction alarm.
AUTO-RANGE function.
User-enabled calibration.

AISI 316 stainless steel spindles, easily identified by number and letter when changed according to range of viscosity.

These are the standards our units follow:
BS: 6075, 5350
ISO: 2555, 1652
ASTM: 115, 789, 1076, 1084, 1286, 1417, 1439, 1638, 1824, 2196, 2336, 2364, 2393, 2556, 2669, 2849, 2983, 2994, 3232, 3236, 3716


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