S3500 – Particle Size Analyzer

///S3500 – Particle Size Analyzer
  • S3500 – Particle Size Analyzer

S3500 – Particle Size Analyzer

The Microtrac S3500 is the first particle size analyzer that uses three precisely placed red laser diodes to accurately characterize particles like never before. The patented Tri-Laser System provides accurate, reliable and repeatable particle size analysis for a diverse range of applications by utilizing the proven theory of Mie compensation for spherical particles and the proprietary principle of Modified Mie calculations for non-spherical particles.  The S3500 measures particle size from 0.02 to 2800 microns.

Product Description

Microtrac S3500 Features:

  • Tri–laser, red, multi-detector, multi-angle optical system
  • Algorithms that utilize Mie compensation and Modified Mie calculations for non-spherical particles
  • Measurement capability from 0.02 to 2800 microns
  • Wet and dry Measurements
  • Fixed detectors and lasers
  • Enclosed optical path ensures complete protection of the optical components leading to little or no operator intervention
  • Small bench footprint


  • Utilizing three red lasers, increases the range of measurement, giving you the flexibility to conduct analysis on a wide range of samples
  • Proprietary Modified Mie calculations allow users to accurately measure complex particles that other particle analyzer struggle to accurately characterize
  • Seamless transition from wet to dry measurement reduces down time
  • Fixed detectors provide rugged durability and assure proper positioning
  • Small bench footprint reduces demand of valuable laboratory space


  • Biotechnology/Pharmaceuticals
  • Metals/Metal Powders
  • Chemicals
  • Pigments
  • Food/Beverages
  • Cement Manufacturing
  • Geological Research
  • Coatings
  • Polymers
  • Academic Research

Technical Specifications:

Measuring Range: 0.02 to 2800 Microns
Basic Range: Wet: 0.7 to 1000 um Dry: 0.7 to 1000 um
High Range: Wet: 2.75 to 2800 um Dry: 2.75 to 2800 um
Standard Range: Wet: 0.24 to 1400 um Dry: 0.24 to 1400 um
Special Range: Wet: 0.086 to 1400 um Dry: 0.24 to 1400 um
Extended Range: Wet: 0.021 to 2000 um Dry: 0.24 to 2000 um
Enhanced Range: Wet: 0.021 to 2800 um Dry: 0.24 to 2800 um
Precision: Spherical Glass Beads D50 = 642 micron, Precision as CV = 0.7%

Spherical Glass Beads D50 = 56 micron, Precision as CV = 1.0%

Spherical Latex Beads D50 = 0.4 micron, Precision as CV = 0.6%

Lasers: Wavelength 780nm – Class 1 Laser Product per 21 CFR 1040.10
Laser Power: 3mW nominal
Detection System: Two fixed photo-electric detectors with logarithmically spaced segments placed at correct angles for optimal scattered light detection. 0.02 to 163 degrees using 151 detector segments.
Typical Analysis Time: 10 to 30 seconds
Environmental: Temperature:                 +5 to +40°C

Humidity:                        90% RH, non- condensing maximum

Storage Temperature:   -10 to 50 Degrees C ( 14 to 122 Degrees F )(Dry                                                 only)

Pollution:                        Degree 2

Vacuum: Vacuum must exceed 50 CFM



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