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Safety Fuels Cans

supplied with assembly system included Level glass, input manual valve and drain manual glass. 2 models
available, 10 & 20 litres. Model for fuels drain available


Product Description


Use for Blenders Fuels supply to proceed to ASTM D 2699, D 2700 & D 613.Can be used for any other Fuels supply for any analyser type

Spécifications :
• Steel Containers
• Approved by FM and T_V/GS
• Assembly System is installed on the3/4 inch draining access of the Safety Container.
• Can be easily stored of a shelf, for Blenders gravity supply
• Filling orifice equipped with a relief valve for smooth flow supply
• Equipped with one Glass Level.
• Equipped with one input manual valve for Safety Container filling. Two technical solutions:
– Fuel transfer by Manual filling.
– Fuel transfer from main storage drum to Safety container by nitrogen pressure.
• Information’s and prices on request.
• Equipped with one output manual valve for Safety can draining to Blender input.
• Constructed of Brass & Aluminium.


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