Sigma 703D Force Tensiometer

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  • Sigma 703D Force Tensiometer

Sigma 703D Force Tensiometer

Sigma 703D is a simple and robust digital force tensiometer for accurate measurement of surface and interfacial tension (Platinum Du Noüy ring, Platinum Wilhelmy Plate), and density. Manual measurement of Critical Micelle Concentration (CMC) can also be conducted.

Product Description

  • For quick and easy standalone operations
  • Robustly designed with manual sample stage
  • Results displayed on the large digital screen in real-time
  • Data transfer to computer software and print option

  • Quality control of surfactant solutions
  • Wettability and formulation development
  • Surfactant development

Product details

When quick and reliable stand-alone operation and manual control are valued, Sigma 703D is the best solution. Sigma 703D is a simple digital tensiometer that measures surface and interfacial tension of liquids by Du Noüy ring or Wilhelmy plate methods with accuracy. Manual CMC measurements can also be conducted.

The open design and convenient control keyboard operations make Sigma 703D extremely easy to use with no need for an external computer. Measurements are displayed in real-time on the large digital screen integrated into the instrument and can be transferred to a computer using the Data Receiver Software. Equipped with a manual sample stage, Sigma 703D is intended for easy and quick standalone operations.

Accessories include a thermostatic vessel, a thermometer and a gas phase temperature controller to control sample temperature, glass vessels, Platinum Du Noüy ring, and Platinum Wilhelmy Plate.

Density probe, calibration tools and ring re-form tool are also available. A printer supports direct connection to your Sigma 703D for simple data printing.



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