SMS 100 Solid Mercury Analyzer

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SMS 100 Solid Mercury Analyzer


Method and Standard U.S. EPA 7473, ASTM 6722-1
Model Name SMS100
Portable No
Product Brand Name SMS
Warranty 1 Year

Product Description

The SMS 100 is a dedicated mercury analyzer, which employs thermal decomposition, gold amalgamation and cold vapor atomic absorption spectrometry for the sensitive measurement of mercury in solid samples, eliminating the need for elaborate sample preparation.

The SMS 100 requires a PC (available separately), autosampler with a 42-sample capacity (included), standards, or check samples. Also included are accessories for setup, calibration and verification of system performance.

The SMS 100 comes with comprehensive mercury analysis software based on Microsoft® Windows® XP, which offers a unique graphical display of mercury signals to simplify the optimization of method parameters. A wide range extended calibration is included, allowing measurements over a wide concentration range. Built-in user features help guide the analyst through method setup and sample analysis for an efficient workflow.

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