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Spinsolve 60

Spinsolve 60 and Spinsolve 60 Carbon benchtop NMR spectrometers

The Magritek Spinsolve 60 NMR spectrometer sets a new standard for 60 MHz benchtop NMR instruments. The Spinsolve 60 spectrometer provides high quality spectra in seconds, right where it is needed – at your laboratory bench.

No Spinning
Benchtop size and weight
No cryogens


Product Description

The Spinsolve 60 comes in two models:

Spinsolve 60: 1H and 19F nuclei including 2D COSY, TOCSY and JRES.
Spinsolve 60 Carbon: 13C, 19F and 1H including DEPT, HETCOR, HMBC, HMQC, and HSQC-ME.

The Spinsolve 60 oethlyffers incredible resolution and sensitivity as shown by this 1D spectrum of ethyl crotonate. The spectrometer also acquires high quality homonuclear 2D spectra including COSY (below) and JRES. Notice that there are no spinning side bands because there is no sample spinning.

No symmetrization processing is required on the COSY





1M Ethyl Crotonate measured on Spinsolve 60

1 M Ethyl crotonate COSY (left) and 13C satellites (right) measured on Spinsolve 60

1, 10 and 100 mM Ethyl Crotonate measured on Spinsolve 60

Spinsolve 60 Carbon


2 M Ibuprofen 1D 1H measured on Spinsolve 60 Carbon

 The Spinsolve 60 Carbon offers 1H, 19F and 13C 1D and 2D experiments with easy switching between nuclei and experiments. Scripting is also available which allows users to set up an experiment to acquire multiple spectra on one sample, for example these ibuprofen spectra were recorded with one click of a button.


2 M Ibuprofen HSQC-ME and HMBC measured on Spinsolve 60 Carbon

The Spinsolve 60 Carbon is equipped with a multitude of tools used for structural elucidation, including DEPT experiments.






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