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*NEW* Spinsolve ULTRA: – the best resolution and lineshape of any benchtop NMR available today

Spinsolve is a revolutionary multinuclear NMR spectrometer that provides the best performance of any benchtop system available today. With its small footprint, low weight and low cost you can have powerful, high resolution NMR spectroscopy in the chemistry lab, alongside other analytical instruments such as IR, GC, LC, MS, FTIR and Raman systems. Spinsolve now comes in 3 convenient versions



Product Description

Spinsolve Education: designed to be used by chemistry students in undergraduate labs, offering the best performance and flexibility at an affordable price.
Spinsolve: ideal for chemists in academia and industry where it can be used for reaction completion checks, identification, structure elucidation, quantification, purity measurements, online reaction monitoring and quality control (QA/QC).
*NEW* Spinsolve ULTRA: enhanced resolution (50% < 0.2Hz) combined with solvent suppression methods expands the range of benchtop NMR applications to ones where sub-millimolar concentrations of substances can be quantified in the presence of neat protonated solvents

Exceptional Performance:

Incredible sensitivity, beautiful software and easy to operate.  Spinsolve can easily measure trypical samples down to 100mM concentration in 15 seconds.  For samples down to 10mM concentration, a good spectrum can be acquired in less than 10 minutes.  Don’t waste time waiting for results when you can have them immediately.

Convenient and Easy to use:

Spinsolve uses standard 5 mm OD NMR test tubes, exactly the same as high field instruments, so sample handling is familiar and convenient. Spinsolve can be deployed in the lab where you work, no more waiting for NMR results. It is completely safe to operate and the software is beautiful and easy to use. No expert operator required and students can use it themselves.

Low purchase and operating cost:

Because there is no superconducting magnet, Spinsolve costs a fraction of traditional high field systems to purchase and requires no expensive ongoing cryogen refills. Only a standard mains power supply is required and it consumes no more power than a regular PC.


The stray magnetic field is entirely inside the enclosure making it safe to deploy in a regular chemistry lab next to other analytical instruments.

Spinsolve Family Specifications:

  • Frequencies: 43 MHz or 60MHz Proton
  • Nuclei: Option to include a third nuclei like 7Li, 11B, 13C, 15N, 23Na, 29Si, 31P (ask for others).
  • Resolution:  50% < 0.5 Hz,  0.55% < 20 Hz for both 43MHz and 60MHz
  • ULTRA Resolution: 50% < 0.2Hz, 0.55% < 6Hz, 0.11% < 12Hz for all ULTRA models
  • Spinning: Not required. Compressed air: Not required
  • 43MHz Proton Sensitivity:  > 100:1 for 1H/19F,  and > 70:1 for multinuclear option
  • 60MHz Proton Sensitivity: > 180:1 for 1H/19F and > 120:1 for mulitnuclear option
  • Sensitivity meansured on 1% ethylbenzene single scan
  • Sample: Standard 5 mm OD NMR sample tubes, 7″ length
  • Minimum Sample Volume: 200 uL
  • Weight: 55kg (43MHz) and 60kg (60MHz)
  • Dimensions: 58 x 43 x 40 cm
  • Lock: Fast automatic lock. Deuterium solvent not required
  • Stray Field: 2G line completely inside spectrometer

Optional system versions (contact us for details):

  • Diffusion gradient for DOSY and self-diffusion measurements, useful for emulsions, droplet sizing and solvent suppression
  • Reaction Monitoring Accessory for continuous flow measurements
  • Expert Software for custom Pulse Programs and Scripts
  • Contact us fto enquire about other NMR nuclei not listed above
  • Education package which includes a book of Practical Lab Experiments


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