Sync – Size and Shape Particle Analyzer

///Sync – Size and Shape Particle Analyzer
  • Sync – Size and Shape Particle Analyzer

Sync – Size and Shape Particle Analyzer

Synchronous Laser Diffraction and Dynamic Image Particle Analyzer

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Product Description

Microtrac’s Sync is synchronizing size and shape measurement in one instrument. One sample, one bench, one sample flow path, one sample cell, one analysis.

  • Measurement from 0.01 to 4000 microns
  • Laser diffraction and image analysis integrated in one instrument
  • Easily switch between wet and dry measurements

Changing the Paradigm for Material Characterization

Introducing the Microtrac Sync, the first synchronous size and shape particle analyzer that integrates laser diffraction technology with dynamic image analysis technology. Users can now get their tried and true particle size distribution together with particle morphology in a single, easy to use graphical user interface.

The Sync interrogates particles, wet or dry, with laser light while simultaneously a high-speed digital camera takes images. The data collected is processed by our FLEX software and presents the user with particle size and shape information. The Sync enables users to get more detailed information about their material than ever before.

Shape and morphology are critical factors in understanding the properties and quality of materials.

The Sync is the perfect system for a wide range of wet and dry applications including metal powders, ceramics, batteries, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, cement, industrial minerals, glass beads, proppants, paints, coatings, toner, and additives among many others.

Size and Shape Particle Analyzer: How It Works

Sample is introduced to either the FlowSync (wet materials) or the TurboSync (dry materials) and disperses throughout the system.

Microtrac’s patented tri-laser optical arrangement incorporates 3 diode lasers and 2 always-on detector arrays in fixed positions. The laser sequence captures scattered light across 165 degrees.

Simultaneously a separate LED light source illuminates the sample cell, while a high speed digital camera takes live images of the sample.

Ready to switch between wet and dry? Delivery systems disconnect and connect easily. All air and fluid couplings are automatic.

Microtrac Compliance with ISO 13320 Particle Size Analysis – Laser Diffraction Methods.

Sync Features

  • Integrates the world’s leading laser diffraction and dynamic image analysis technology in one instrument
  • Synchronous size and shape analysis
  • Fast and easy switch between wet and dry systems – click and go
  • Advanced design for unsurpassed dispersion of wet or dry material
  • Easy to use, integrated DIA and LD FLEX software
  • Powerful reporting that integrates particle size and shape data
  • Small bench footprint

Sync Benefits

  • Significantly reduced troubleshooting time when particle size is not what is expected
  • View Particles allows users to see particles and qualify more thoroughly than ever before
  • Particle shape does impact particle performance and can change – users can now define their product in a more detailed and useful way utilizing both size and shape parameters
  • Ease of use and ease of changeover from wet to dry enables sites with multiple users to just click and go when running different materials – no learning curve and with SOPs, no setup time
  • Same sample, same bench, same flow path, same sample cell – one run yields PSD with more than 30 size and shape parameters
  • Optimize quality control by adding shape to your size specifications


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