SYSTEM_ iQT GC/MS/MS with installed EI

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    SYSTEM_ iQT GC/MS/MS with installed EI

SYSTEM_ iQT GC/MS/MS with installed EI


21 CFR Part 11 Compatible : Yes
Maximum Temperature : 28 °C
Minimum Temperature : 18 °C
Portable : No
Product Brand Name : AxION
Technology Type : Chromatography
Warranty : 1 Year

Product Description

AxION® iQT™ GC/MS/MS is powerful mass spectrometry technology that brings together targeted and non-targeted analysis capabilities in a single instrument.

Labs performing complex sample analyses can get more in depth information and have the ability to identify a broad range of compounds selectively, specifically and accurately.

AxION iQT is the first MS/MS technology that does method development for the user, includes advanced application-centric software and provides easy maintenance due to its “smart” modular system. This GC/MS/MS solution is intuitive, enabling non-mass spec trained technicians to run their analyses easily and with confidence.

New Oil Emission Solution

Lubrisense has leveraged our AxION iQT technology to develop a dedicated oil emission analyzer to measure complex gas mixtures in combustion engines. Learn more about this great tool for research and development for use at engine and component manufacturers and service companies.

Product Details:

  • Broad array of user-interchangeable ion sources (dual-filament EI, CI, or novel Cold EI)—Allows the system to be tailored to any type of sample for greater application flexibility
  • Self-registering, auto-synchronizing “Smart” modules—Optimize instrument performance and simplify maintenance for enhanced uptime
  • Space-saving design—A single, compact system with no special laboratory setup requirements
  • Q0 (90-degree turn)—Minimizes transmission of neutral and metastable ions; enhances signal-to-noise ratios
  • Q1 (mass filter with pre and post ion guides)—Allows for high ion transmission efficiencies and targeted selection of parent ions of interest
  • Q2 (argon collision cell)—Provides a direct line-of-sight to the TOF analyzer and detector, decreasing chemical noise, improving signal-to-noise ratios and provides the ability to detect trace levels of analytes

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