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TA.XTplus100 Texture Analyser

Stable Micro Systems has once again extended its range of Texture Analysers and now presents a single column instrument capable of measuring force up to 100kg.
The addition of the TA.XTplus100 model also offers an improved distance resolution which is doubled to 0.0005mm.


Product Description

This will be of major interest to those (particularly in the pharmaceutical industry) who require fine distance control/measurement of, for example, small granules/beads/particles.

This instrument model also offers the following benefits:

More capacity for the same laboratory bench space (footprint)

Stiffer structure for higher force applications – half micron at 20mm/s

The ability to use those attachments – e.g. Ottawa Cell, Kramer Shear Cell – that usually require the high force capacity of a TA.HDplus

An extended height model at this 100kg capacity to provide more testing distance for high force extensional applications

More location points for the attachment of accessories such as temperature devices, lights, humidity probe, cameras etc.

Coupled with easy-to-use Exponent software, this versatile instrument is extraordinarily well-engineered for long-term reliability and accuracy.

Force Capacity: 100kg.f (1kN)
Force Resolution: 0.1g
Loadcells: 0.5, 5, 10, 30, 50, 100kg.f
Speed Range: 0.01 – 40mm/s
Maximum Aperture: 350mm/600mm
Distance Resolution: 0.001mm
Data Acquisition Rate: 500pps

Whether you require a simple test and data analysis solution or a fully featured software package – we give you the choice.
Probes & Fixtures
The Texture Analyser uses a range of different probes and fixtures according to your specific application.


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