GlobalVision Text Inspection compares two unlike documents to manage the accuracy of text along the artwork, document, and packaging creation workflow. It’s perfect for making sure there aren’t any unintended changes as your text moves from your copy document to artwork to print.



Product Description

Ensure copy integrity

text -inspectionWhen even the smallest error is unacceptable, automatic proofreading with GlobalVision is the only option. The human eye can easily miss errors when text needs to be perfect down to the punctuation.




Inspect text in foreign languages

Our tools can detect differences in any language. With many products available in multiple languages, GlobalVision makes it easier than ever to proofread foreign languages you’re unfamiliar with.





Compare different file formats

GlobalVision can compare the final PDF artwork back to the original text document to make sure all text is consistent.

doc-doc-04 comparison

doc-pdf comparison

pdf-pdf comparison


Find every
difference type

Catch errors in spelling, changed, added or deleted copy, and location changes.




Text Inspection Report

Generate reports of every inspection to track progress and send for approvals


Font size sensitivity:

Allow for detection of font sizes as small as 0.01 pt size.

Web page inspection

Inspect html and mhtml files against word and pdf files.

Inspect templates

Upload QRD or SPL templates.

Table inspection

Inspect tables cell-by-cell in seconds.

Partial inspections

Inspect specific paragraphs or pages.

Native file handling

Works with PDF, Word, and HTML formats without any extra software.


File types supported

  • XML
  • TXT
  • PDF
  • DOC
  • XLS

Document types supported

  • Inserts
  • Website content
  • Labels, legal documents
  • Leaflets
  • Manuscripts
  • Booklets
  • Journals
  • Brochures
  • Magazines
  • Ads
  • Publications
  • SOPs
  • Reports

Additional functionalities

  • Synergy administration functionalities
  • Support for multiple domains (LDAP)
  • Easier to use LDAP interface & LDAP search dialogue
  • Time zone displayed as part of the date format


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