Titan MPS 8 Position Microwave Sample Preparation System

//////Titan MPS 8 Position Microwave Sample Preparation System
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Titan MPS 8 Position Microwave Sample Preparation System

Attributes / Specifications:

Power – 230 V, 50 – 60 Hz

Pressure rating
100 bar (8 position)

Temperature control – Optical/sample temperature

Pressure control – IR/direct sample



Depth : 63.5 cm
Height : 43.2 cm
Portable : No
Product Brand Name : Titan
Unit Size : 8 Position
Weight : 53.0 kg
Width : 53.4 cm

Product Description

The Titan MPS is a flexible easy-to-use microwave sample preparation system for pressure digestion of a broad range of samples for subsequent inorganic analysis.

The 8-position pressure vessel microwave has dual magnetrons with 1,500 Watts peak output microwave power delivered in 1% output increments. Designed for rugged, routine laboratory use the system incorporates a stainless steel outer case, which encloses a cylindrical corrosion-resistant PFA coated oven cavity that ensures homogeneous microwave distribution. Reproducible sample digestion is achieved through precise reaction control of temperature and/or pressure. Access to the sample area from above via a hinged lid offers easy sample access. The system employs 100 mL vessels and allows digestion temperatures up to 260 °C and pressures up to 100 bar.

Product Features:

Titan MPS DTC (Direct Temperature Control)
: sophisticated non-contact IR sensor provides superb reaction control by measuring the real-time temperature of each individual sample material (not the vessel surface temperature) while also eliminating the contamination issues and inconvenience of contact sensing devices.

Titan MPS DPC (Direct Pressure Control System): This unique contact-free system utilizes a combination of polarized light and glass pressure ring with a remote optical sensor built into the vessel cap to measure and control pressure changes in a reference vessel.

Flexible Turntable: Simple and rugged, the turntable supports long-life vessels for standard pressure digestion. Optional interchangeable turntables allow for quick and easy changeover from 16-position vessels to 8-position vessel to deliver an expanded working pressure range that comes with the larger, 8-position vessels.

Pre-installed sample methods
: pre-installed sample methods are available covering a wide range of digestion conditions, with space for many additional user-created methods.

Software: Monitor and control multiple Titan MPS systems over a network via the standard Ethernet connection for convenient viewing of reactions and conditions, data analysis, and system control. English, German, French, Spanish, Italian languages are supported on the color touch-screen.

Safety: The rugged construction of the lid and its interlocked sensor system ensures operator safety and security. A gas containment manifold utilizing a unique “quick connect” vessel attachment safely contains any gas which may escape during an unplanned vessel over pressure situation.

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