Touchclave-Lab ‘F’ Series Rectangular Autoclave

///Touchclave-Lab ‘F’ Series Rectangular Autoclave
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Touchclave-Lab ‘F’ Series Rectangular Autoclave

Touchclave-F models can be installed where mains water and drainage may not be readily available.

Capacities: 150, 200, 300, 360 and 450-litres
Section: Rectangular
Loading: Front
Heating Source: In-chamber elements

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Product Description

Standard Features:

  • 8-program touchscreen control system
  • Internal data archiving for up to 5000 cycles
  • Water conservation system
  • Exhaust condensate
  • Vertical sliding door
  • Pneumatically operated door lock and sealing system
  • Load sensed process timer
  • Powerful fan cooling
  • Integral silent air compressor


Popular options:

  • Printer
  • Cat.3 effluent retention
  • Water cooled jacket
  • Pre/post vacuum
  • Media keep warm
  • Air Ballast
  • Powered door


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