Touchclave System – Multi Purpose Rectangular Autoclaves

///Touchclave System – Multi Purpose Rectangular Autoclaves
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    Touchclave System in UAE

Touchclave System – Multi Purpose Rectangular Autoclaves

Our MP range of general purpose rectangular chambered sterilizers are available in six standard sizes and 326 to 1052 litres. Larger sized units up to 10,000 litres can also be provided.
All models can be configured for either single entry or pass-through. All Touchclave Systems models are fitted with a wide selection of features as standard, all designed to ensure optimum performance.

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Product Description

Capacities: 326, 435, 545, 636, 796 and 1052-litres plus bespoke sizes
Pass-Through: Available throughout range
Section: Rectangular
Loading: Front
Heating Source: Integral/stand-alone steam generator or direct steam supply

Standard Features:

  • Automatic sliding doors with safety edge and auto-reverse system.
  • Pre/post vacuum system
  • Water jacket for exceptional cooling efficiency
  • Steam jacket for optimum drying performance
  • Air ballast system for fast and safe processing of fluids.
  • 8-program user-friendly touchscreen control system
  • Internal data archiving for up to 5000 cycles
  • Water conservation with exhaust condensate unit
  • Load sensed process timer
  • Thermal data printer
  • E-Stop


Popular options:

  • Loading/Carriage Trolley
  • Stainless steel pipework
  • Cat. 3/3+ high security
  • Independent monitoring
  • RO water system
  • Air Compressor
  • Remote data archiving



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