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Triple Quad 3500 System

Today is the day to take charge of your lab’s success.  The Triple Quad 3500 System offers the speed and precision you want from a modern mass spec system, with the legendary performance and dependability you trust from SCIEX technology.  Modern hardware, powerful software, and robust engineering come together for ultimate performance, reliability, and productivity on a budget.

Designed for routine food and environmental testing labs, the Triple Quad 3500 mass spec system enables the analysis of more compounds in every injection, lower quantitation limits, and increased sample volume and throughput productivity over conventional LC or GC workflows.

  • Absolute, reliable quantitation
  • Maximum uptime
  • Better quality data
  • Simplified data processing
  • Diverse HPLC compatibility
  • Service and support resources

Product Description


Absolute, reliable quantitation:  The legendary Turbo V™ ion source efficiently ionizes compounds and virtually eliminates cross-contamination, even with large samples loads, for reliable quantitation over a wide range of flow rates.

3500 Ion Source

Maximum uptime:  The proprietary Curtain Gas™ interface reduces the need for routine maintenance and ensures maximum productivity by protecting your mass spec from contamination.

Figure 1.  Legendary Turbo V™ ion source.  Achieve consistent results over long runs of dirty samples with the Turbo V™ ion source, ideal for a demanding high throughput testing lab.

Better data quality:  The Scheduled MRM™ Pro algorithm and Curved LINAC® collision cell design improves data quality to ensure fewer peaks are missed and optimal sensitivity is achieved for all compounds.

Figure 2100s of compounds, 1 analysis.  Exceptional results achieved for the analysis of more than 200 pesticide residues in food samples in a single injection on the Triple Quad 3500 system.  Results shown represent a 2 µL injection of 10 ng/mL (ppb) pesticide mix utilizing the Phenomenex Kinetex Biphenyl HPLC column (2.6 um, 50 x 2.1 mm).

Figure 2: 100s of compounds, 1 analysis


Figure 3. Collect high quality data without missing peaks. Take more control over  your data acquisition with Scheduled MRM™ Pro algorithm, which offers flexible window widths (F), dynamic window extension (T), dwell-time weighting (W), MRM-triggered MRM (M, T), and more – to improve the quality of your data for every compound in your screen.

Figure 3

Simplified data processing:  Utilize MultiQuant™ Software for high throughput data processing, review, and reporting, with reliable auto-integration algorithms and query files for fast batch processing.


Figure 4. High-throughput MRM quantitation made easy.

Figure 4High-throughput MRM quantitation made easy.  Achieve reliable auto-integration, faster peak review, easy comparisons of multiple MRM transitions, and direct  reporting for easy and efficient batch data processing.

Diverse HPLC compatibility:  Get maximum flexibility by choosing your favorite LC system to couple to your mass spec, or let us bundle it for you with one of our Eksigent LC systems.

Service and support resources:  Get up-and-running quickly by utilizing our extensive service and support resources, including application support with fast response times, flexible service plans, and extensive online and phone support to maximize your success.



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