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Triple Quad 4500 System

The 4500 System takes the API 4000 platform and intelligently re-engineers it to set a new benchmark for reliable quantitation.

Consistent, Reliable Quantitation Around the Clock

When your lab is faced with lots of samples and impending deadlines, you can’t afford an unreliable mass spec system that could put your lab or your reputation at risk. Some mass spec solutions can crack when faced with pressure:

  • Data quality erodes during long runs
  • Data processing is time consuming and becomes a bottleneck
  • Getting immediate answers to solve problems as they arise is impossible

These challenges can be detrimental to your lab’s productivity. The 4500 system is designed to conquer them.

Product Description


Behind the Technology

See what makes the 4500 system so robust, reliable, and productive.

It’s the technology and engineering behind the 4500 system that makes it dominate in delivering productivity for demanding applications. Here’s more about the power behind the system, and what that means for your lab.

QTRAP System What makes this QTRAP system unique
TurboV™ ionization source The gold standard for LC-MS/MS ionization, the TurboV™ ionization source was made for demanding applications, with a patented design that delivers highly efficient desolvation for stable, sensitive performance across a wide range of flow rates from 50 uL/min up to 3 mL/min, with the versatility of ESI and APCI ionization capabilities and compatibility with microflow hybrid electrodes (to extend flow regime down to 5 uL/min) in the same source so you can run a wider scope of methods on your system.
Curtain gas interface The curtain gas interface provides a wall of clean nitrogen to help prevent neutral components from entering the mass spec, so the system is more robust, requires less maintenance, and delivers increased uptime for your lab.  When tested against 1500 plasma injections, the combination of interface and source delivered consistent quantitative results with response CVs < 4%.
QJet® ion guide The QJet® design is what brings the system reliability and sensitivity, providing increased uptime, reduced maintenance, and improved ion transmission efficiency which enhances overall sensitivity.
LINAC® collision cell The engineering of patented Qurved LINAC® collision cell provides fast and efficient ion fragmentation, with insignificant crosstalk, so you are able to get higher quality MRM and MS/MS data, particularly for high-throughput methods with hundreds of compounds.
AcQuRate™ pulse counting detector The AcQuRate™ pulse counting detector was designed for reproducibility and accuracy, providing excellent results for low level compound detection and a wide dynamic range.
Dynamic range Achieve up to 5 orders of dynamic range for high performance quantitation in your first injection, reducing the needs for repeat analyses for increased productivity.
Mass range The 5 to 2000 Da mass range allows flexibility to tackle a large scope of quantitation assays on your single mass spec system.
Ultra-fast MRM cycle times With 1 minimum dwell times of 1 msec for MRM acquisition, you can screen for more compounds in every pass, increasing your throughput and data quality.
eQ™ electronics The fast eQ™ electronics enable polarity switching times of 50 ms and quadrupole scan speeds at rates up to 12,000 Da/sec, allowing you to measure more compounds in a single scan pass while still maintaining enough data points per peak for reliable quantitation.
Scheduled MRM™ Pro algorithm A smart way to acquire your data, the Scheduled MRM™ Pro algorithm allows for flexible MRM window widths, group MRM-triggered MRM and MS/MS, dynamic window extension, and other unique functionalities that ensure you collect your best data the first time, reducing the need for reinjections to improve the productivity of your analyses.
MultiQuant™ Software With premier signal finding and integration algorithms and an interface with functionality designed directly from user input, MultiQuant™ Software allows you to process data faster, with less manual intervention and quick flagging of outliers, so you can get your results out the door faster.
StatusScope Remote Monitoring Part of the SCIEX Success Network, StatusScope™ Remote Monitoring allows you to monitor your system from any location to maintain system productivity anytime, anywhere.
SCIEXNow Instrument Portal Part of the SCIEX Success Network, your 4500 system productivity is greatly enhanced by full instrument management online, access to SCIEXUniversity learning materials and knowledge-base, and instant support so you can get your questions answered fast.
QTRAP technology enabled (upgrade option) Equipped with a built-in linear ion trap (LIT), the 4500 system is the only triple quad in its class that can be upgraded to a QTRAP to extend your experimental capabilities. Go beyond MRM, with unique supplemental workflows including 2nd generation MRM (MRM3), enhanced product ion (EPI) scans, enhanced mass spec (EMS) scans, and more, all designed improve data quality for your most challenging methods and projects. Read about the powerful functionality of QTRAP technology.

End to End Performance and support

Discover the line-up from LC to support that complements the 4500 system so your lab can realize your full productivity potential.

We know that the mass spec system is just one component to the full workflow, and that maximum productivity is only achieved when all the parts are functioning at their peak – from the LC injection to delivering reliable reports of results. Here’s how the 4500 works together with the supporting cast that bring you from system to success.



The chromatographic reliability you need to complement your mass spec.



Discover the software that will speed-up your MRM quantitation data processing.

Services & Support


From training to services and system monitoring, the SCIEX Success Network is your partner for maximum productivity.


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