Triple Quad 6500 System

///Triple Quad 6500 System
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Triple Quad 6500 System

The Triple Quad 6500 System with revolutionary, new, multi-component IonDrive Technology merges highly-evolved sensitivity with renowned performance.  Adopting an intelligent approach to increasing the limits of quantitation, the patented IonDrive Technology introduces a series of advancements that increases the quantity of ions produced while enhancing the way ions are transmitted and detected.  The results speak for themselves.

  • Signal-to-noise and LOQ improvement of up to five-fold over the widest range of compounds and flow rate
  • Twenty-fold increase in detector dynamic range
  • Uncompromising mass range with a 2000 m/z upper mass limit
  • Scan speeds of up to 12,000 Da/second for optimized UHPLC strategies
  • Increased throughput with polarity switching speeds of 20 msec
  • Compatibility with SelexION™ Differential Ion Mobility Technology

Product Description

OverviewIonDrive Technology – pushing the limits of sensitivity:  The 6500 Series adopts an intelligent approach to increasing the limits of quantitation with the patented IonDrive Technology, simultaneously targeting three critical enhancements in the 6500 Series that ruggedly drive performance improvements and unrivaled sensitivity:

  • The production of more ions with the newly designed IonDrive Turbo V Source
  • The capture and transmission of more ions with the unique IonDrive QJet Guide
  • The detection of more ions with the new IonDrive High Energy Detector

IonDrive Technology
Produce more ions:  The next-generation IonDrive Turbo V Source increases ion production using enhanced gas-flow dynamics and optimized heater configurations while improving reliability, reproducibility, and robustness.  The IonDrive Turbo V Source maintains the quick-change atmospheric-pressure chemical ionization (APCI) sources and TurboIonSpray Probes as well as the new low-dispersion electrodes for use with micro-flow UHPLC applications.  From 5 µL/min to 3mL/min, the IonDrive Turbo V Source is the perfect match for narrow bore, standard bore, and UHPLC flow rates.

IonDrive Turbo V

Focus and transmit more ions:  The patented and re-optimized IonDrive QJet Guide improves ion containment and collisional focusing through a dual-stage design that captures and focuses ions with incredible efficiency.  With a larger internal radius in the first stage that improves the capture of ions and a narrower internal radius on the second stage that increases the ion transmission efficiency into Q0, the new design is able to introduce many more ions into the analyzer.

IonDrive QJet guideIonDrive QJET gas model

Detect more ions: The new IonDrive High Energy Detector maintains the benefit of pulse-counting fundamentals to deliver accuracy, precision, and  ultra-sensitivity at low concentrations while increasing the linearity at higher count rates.

IonDrive Detector


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