TripleTOF® 4600 System

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TripleTOF® 4600 System

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

The TripleTOF 4600 System delivers high resolution, accurate mass MS and MS/MS for advanced qualitative and quantitative workflows. Built on the innovative breakthrough in LC-MS/MS performance of the original TripleTOF 5600, it uniquely integrates comprehensive qualitative exploration, rapid profiling, and high-resolution quantitation workflows on a single platform.

For simplified, yet balanced high resolution screening and quantitation workflows designed exclusively for Food & Environmental and Forensics routine testing labs, take a look at the X-Series QTOF systems.

Product Description

Feature Benefit
High-Sensitivity with QJet® Ion Guide and Accelerator TOF™ Analyzer Low-abundance analytes easily discovered, identified, and quantified.
SmartSpeed 100Hz Acquisition The fastest high-resolution system that generates more high-quality information from every sample even when using fast chromatography
EasyMass Accuracy Achieves high mass-accuracy without continuous recalibration, making it the easiest-to-use system for routine accurate mass.
One Touch Productivity Software Increases productivity by facilitating powerful workflows to create information out of data
Explore Workflow

4600 Workflow

Explore complex samples in greater depth: Select up to 50 precursors per second – and generate high resolution and high mass-accuracy MS/MS data using powerful IDA (Information-Dependent Acquisition) algorithms and high-resolution, accurate-mass MS and MS/MS.
Profile Workflow

4600 Profile Workflow

Profile samples for quant and qual in a single run: Quantify virtually every compound in the sample with high-resolution MS quantification and fast chromatography; confirm compound identity with high-resolution, accurate-mass MS/MS; and then mine the data for the information you need.
Quantify Workflow

4600 Quantify Worldwide

Quantify analytes with high-resolution MRM transitions for highest specificity and confidence: Obtain high-resolution at high and low masses in the same spectrum for high-resolution, MRM-like quantification. The LOQs and dynamic range are equivalent to high-performance triple quadrupoles. Cycle times are as low as 10 msec and generate superior peak definition, even with fast LC separations. Quantification requires little optimization, and you can choose multiple fragments per precursor from the acquired full-scan MS/MS data.


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