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TurboMatrix HS 16


Height : 61.0 cm
Maximum Temperature : 32 °C
Minimum Temperature : 15 °C
Portable : No
Product Brand Name : TurboMatrix
Weight : 32.0 kg
Width : 43.0 cm

Product Description

This entry-level headspace sampler holds up to 16 sample vials. The system performs overlapping thermostatting of one vial-after the first sample is injected, the unit heats and equilibrates the next sample so it can be injected when the gas chromatography is ready for the next run.

Accuracy and precision are critical in blood-alcohol analysis because the toxicologist not only has to be confident in his or her results, but also must be prepared to withstand tough cross examination by defense attorneys. In addition, crime laboratories must comply with state regulations regarding blood-alcohol testing.

PerkinElmer has been delivering reliable GC sample-handling solutions since the introduction of its first headspace sampler (HS) over 40 years ago. Today the TurboMatrix™ HS-Clarus® GC package is the benchmark for blood-alcohol analysis. Trust PerkinElmer for an integrated HS-GC solution to maximize your analysis.

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