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TurboMatrix HS 40


Height : 61.0 cm
Maximum Temperature : 32 °C
Minimum Temperature : 15 °C
Portable : No
Product Brand Name : TurboMatrix
Weight : 33.0 kg
Width : 43.0 cm

Product Description

The mid-range model holds up to 40 sample vials. The system thermostats up to 12 vials simultaneously for automated headspace analysis. A sophisticated nesting algorithm optimizes the ‘virtual’ oven size for maximum throughput.

Automated headspace sampler with built-in trap and standard PerkinElmer 9mL or 22mL sample vials. Up to 40 vials can be loaded into the removable vial magazine for automated analysis. Overlapping thermostatting of up to 12 vials in Constant Mode for maximum productivity. A patented optimization algorithm adjusts the virtual oven size for maximum throughput. An optional frequency-scanning shaker is available to reduce equilibration time. No optimization of the shaking process is required.

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