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ULT upright freezer

The Eppendorf ULT Upright Freezers combine high storage capacity with energy saving.The CryoCube F570 needs 15 % less energy compared to its predecessor. This new line has a high efficiency fan, compressor, and condenser which decrease the power consumption.


Product Description

Product Information

Eppendorf ULT Freezers are known for their energy efficiency, reliability, and worry-free, long-term sample preservation. They provide many of the same features as our Innova ULT Freezers, but are conventionally insulated for a cost-effective alternative. Polyurethane insulation combined with a highly efficient cooling system achieve and maintain ultra-low temperatures of -86 °C.

The Eppendorf ULT Freezers provide different volume classes than the Premium U410 and the CryoCube F570. You can store up to 40,000 vessels in a CryoCube F570. The stainless steel interior enables easy cleaning. The new CryoCube series has easy-to-handle magnetic closures on inner doors for easy access to samples.


  • Traditionally foamed polyurethane insulation provides efficient insulation protection
  • Quick pull-down and recovery times with reliable heavy-duty compressors for sample safety
  • SMART PLUS™ diagnostic system displays error codes allowing accurate diagnoses by engineers over the phone, saving you time and money
  • Easy-to-read, eye level, flush mounted LED control panel and alarm status with integrated SMART PLUS diagnostics
  • Inner doors are insulated minimizing cold air loss while accessing your samples
  • 5 compartments, each accepts Eppendorf racks as well as other popular brands without adjustment
  • Each shelf is adjustable in height for additional storage flexibility
  • Special low-temperature outer door seals allow gaskets to remain flexible at –86 °C and prevents ice buildup
  • Full stainless steel interior for easy cleaning during maintenance and defrost cycles; powder-coated steel exterior


  • ULT freezers are suitable for storage and preservation of all types of biological materials/samples:
  • – Bacteria
  • – Cells
  • – Spores
  • – Pollens
  • – Protozoa
  • – Blood components
  • – DNA
  • – Tissue used in research only
  • – Preservation of chemicals or material testing components for a longer period of time

Technical Data

CryoCube® F570 Premium U410
Heat output 438 W 650 W
Number of shelves 5 5
Insulation Polyurethane foam Polyurethane foam
Capacity 570 L 410 L
Number of internal doors 5 5
Max. racks per freezer 25 15
Dimensions internal (W x D x H) 76.5 × 57.5 × 126.5 cm 55 × 57.5 × 126.5 cm
Noise level 59.5 dB 55 dB
Power supply 230 V, 50 Hz 230 V, 50 Hz
Max. power consumption 10500 W 10800 W
Dimensions (W × D × H) 102.5 × 85.2 × 194 cm1,3,4 80 × 85.2 × 193 cm1,3,4
Weight w/o accessories 270 kg 235 kg
Pull-down time to -85 °C 5.1 h2 5.3 h2
Box capacity per freezer    
5 cm (2 in) tall boxes 400 240
7.5 cm (3 in) tall boxes 300 180
10 cm (4 in) tall boxes 200 120
Box capacity per rack    
5 cm (2 in) tall boxes 16 16
7.5 cm (3 in) tall boxes 12 12
12.5 cm (5 in) tall boxes 8 8


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