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The Ultra Clear RO DI Series delivers permeate water with a salt reduction of approximately 98 %. The Ultra Clear RO DI Series system will polish the RO permeate to a quality of < 0.1 µS/cm. At a 98 % rejection rate, the RO permeate water that originated from a 400 µS/cm feed water source would still have a conductivity of about 8 µS/cm.


Product Description

The Ultra Clear RO DI Series System polishes this water to < 0.1 µS/cm. The deionization module is delivered with the Ultra Clear RO DI Series System. These modules are directional and will require replacing at a frequency dependent on feed water quality and water consumption. A changing interval of about 3 months is typical. The DI modules are a lower cost alternative to electro-deionization systems such as our Ultra Clear RO EDI Systems. However, a regular change of the modules are necessary.

An Ultra Clear RO system with DI module delivers water with a quality that fulfills the needs of most laboratory requirements. All systems display inlet and product water quality. The salt reduction rate will be shown in percentage.

Storage Tanks are available with 30, 60 and 80 liter. There are storage tanks up to 3.000 liter available as needed.

  • Feed for laboratory ultrapure water systems
  • General chemistry
  • Laboratory washing machines including final rinse
  • Feed for autoclaves and climate chambers
  • Buffer preparation
  • Photometry,
  • Spectrophotometry
  • Media preparation

System performance ​Unit ​UltraClear RO DI 20 ​UltraClear RO DI 30
​Production rate @ 15°C l​/h ​20 ​30
​Permeate conductivity ​µS/cm ​< 0.1 ​<0.1
​Rejection rate up to ​% ​98 ​98
​Rejection rate for bacteria ​% ​99 ​99
​Rejection rate for particles ​% ​99 ​99
​Feed water specifications
​Pressure ​bar ​2 – 6 ​​2 – 6
​Conductivity ​µS/cm ​< 2000 ​< 2000
​CO2 max. ​mg/l ​15 ​15
​Colloid Index ​SDI ​< 3 ​< 3
​Free Chlorine and Fe ​mg/l ​< 0.1 ​< 0.1
​Shipping weight ​kg ​33 ​34
​Power consumption ​kW/h ​0.2 ​0.2
​Power supply ​v/Hz ​240/50-60** ​​240/50-60**
​Dimension: H/W/D ​mm ​530/340/320 ​530/340/320
​Catalog number W3T324499 ​W3T324500
​** = 115V upon request


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