X500B QTOF System

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X500B QTOF System

Engineered for standard biotherapeutic characterization analyses, the X500B QTOF system is a true benchtop instrument, with streamlined processing to get to a consistent, accurate view of your biologic.

Product Description

Key Features of the X500B QTOF System

Size A compact true benchtop, with an ambidextrous dress panel to easily fit in your available space
Ionization Source Renowned, SCIEX Turbo V™ Ionization Source for maximum robustness
Operating System The all-new SCIEX OS is incredibly easy to learn and maintain
Data Processing Software BioPharmaView™ Software delivers data visualization and automated calculation
Calibration Automated on-board calibration and dual-spray source for worry-free acquisition
Maintenance Easy Qjet™ Ion Guide access for straightforward maintenance
Mass Accuracy Heated TOF path eliminates environmental temperature impact


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