Know more about the most reliable Universal material testing equipment from Llyod. The machine is now available with Emphor DLAS, one of the largest laboratory equipment suppliers in UAE. Know how this machine helps in ensuring the safe packaging of materials.

Lloyd material testing instruments provide flexible, reliable and accurate results on testing material under 5kN. The testing instrument is considered universal to determine tensile, compression, bend, friction, tearing, peeling, and extraction and relaxation limits of packaging material.

The LS materials testing machines from Lloyd Instruments are easy-to-use universal testing machines ideal for materials testing up to 5 kN. The machines use high-accuracy interchangeable YLC Series load cells for tension, compression and cycling through zero force measurements, and they have an accuracy of ±0.5% from 1% to 100% of the load cell value. These materials testing machines feature an integral control console with a multi-function keyboard and easy-to-read backlit LCD to display load and extension information. The control console displays prompts and menus, which guide the user through machine operations.

The new testing instrument with a test and return speed of 2032mm/min, saves time in production and more efficient quality testing can be done. As the LS5HS universal testing machine is designed to automate workflows, robots can be coupled to the machine to speed up the testing process even further, and automated, repetitive tests can be run in hours rather than days. The system ensures zero operational error with improved safety features.

The LS5HS universal testing machine features travel of 800 mm and a crosshead speed range from 0.01 up to 2032 mm/min. A throat depth of 150 mm provides a large working area, and the load accuracy of +/- 0.5 down to 1% of load cell value provides a high dynamic range, reducing the number of load cells required to cover the force range.

The universal testing machine can be used as a stand-alone controlled by a console. The latest instruments come with software that can be used to calibrate the results and to make a better analysis. With rampant industrial automation, new utilities for system integration along with better sample handling is done.  In-line testing, monitoring of parameters from other sensors like thermocouples and strain gauges, and customization of the user interface are now implemented with package testing instruments.

If your packaging company requires material testing instruments, contact Emphor DLAS to purchase the latest equipment for your production line. Engineers at Emphor  DLAS helps you understand the usability and work around drill for the instruments.