To increase the volume and duration of rainfall here in the UAE, the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) carried out 187 cloud seeding operations in 2018 – accounting for 10-15% of the country’s rainfall.

Using weather surveillance radars to monitor ‘seedable’ clouds, NCM launches aircrafts carrying salt crystals mixed with sodium chloride, magnesium, and potassium chloride for seeding.

These particular elements are prepped in labs, before the planes take-off with them on board; This is just one example of functioning, applied sciences here in the UAE.


Scientific Equipment Suppliers in UAE

UAE has experienced consistent growth from its very beginning, with industries in the Emirates on par with global partners, and in some cases surpassing them, leading the way in the fields of identification, security, emergency response, and – like their cloud seeding program, science.

Research and manufacturing are a thriving industry in the Emirates, with dedicated facilities established in every emirate. With labs in different sectors such as F&B, farming, health & safety, etc. scientific equipment suppliers in UAE are in high demand.


Scope of Application

Cloud seeding, desalination plants, space exploration, both local and international companies operating research facilities here in the UAE, not to mention graduate labs in schools, colleges, universities and training institutes, all require state of the art molecular and microbiology equipment from reliable providers.



The type of equipment that is used varies with industries and the manner they’re employed.

Microscopy, for example, uses microscopes to view matter that cannot be seen with the naked eye, thus is an important facet of scientific research.

Industries such as life sciences, forensics, apparel, pharmaceutical, automotive & aeronautics, and all eco-bio-chemical supported industries commonly use electron microscopes and other microbiology equipment as a part of their production process to aid in development and manufacturing.

Molecular biology equipment, such as plate readers (tools used to detect reactions of samples in microplates), are widely used in research, discovery, and manufacturing & quality control processes; Since enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) readers are largely the foundation of medical diagnoses for human beings and animals, microplates have become the standard tool in research and clinical testing.


Life Analytical Sciences (LAS) & Emphor

Leading the development and application of LAS in various industries across the Middle East, Emphor delivers cutting-edge products, services and technological solutions.

A division of the Centena Group, Emphor LAS is the number 1 supplier of state-of-the-art instruments from market leaders like Perkin Elmer, Rudolf Research, etc. in the GCC and MENA region.