It took 2 years for humans to find a key out of Spanish Flu. It is more than a year now, the covid-19 is still spreading across nations and people are dying. However, in the past few months, we are all hearing about the hope of ending this pandemic with the vaccine. We can conclude that we were able to make a vaccine much faster than we actually thought. Maybe this is not the worse we are yet to witness or experience. Surely we are equipping ourselves to better manage pandemic situations with the help of data scientists and various studies.

Prof. Cho, Nanyang technological university says, ‘As soon as a virus outbreak is over, people essentially stop thinking about it and stop investing in resources’. The pattern has been repeating till we are in the middle of another pandemic. We do not know what’s the next pandemic about, the solution lies in the thought of ending any kind of pandemic before it spreads next time.

Prof. Cho used a different method other than the traditional virology in which virus particles are viewed as a material. He finds the common weak spot of the viral particle, the Achilles heel. If we could effectively and selectively target the viral envelopes, then we would have a broad-spectrum antiviral treatment, addressing not just a single virus but several ones, Prof. Cho explains. Professor used QCM-D, Quartz Crystal Microbalance with Dissipation monitoring for drug screening which he used as his main sensing technology. We can prevent viral infection by targeting lipid envelopes with the process known as Lipid Envelope Antiviral Disruption( LEAD). The method can be considered as the next prime solution for stopping the pandemic.  The LEAD-strategy works against a wide range of viruses that are of importance to clinical medicine and biodefense.

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