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Advanced Testing Solutions for Paper , Corrugated & Cardboard Industry

Advanced Testing Solutions for Paper , Corrugated & Cardboard Industry

Thickness | Tear Testing  | Tensile Strngth | COBB | Smoothness | ECT |RCT | Bending Resistance | Dynamic  Absorption | Moisture

Parker Print Surf | Bursting Strength | Ink Rub/Scuff | WVTR | OTR | COF | Release and Adhesion | Folding Endurance

Thickness Tester / Micrometer

Sample Detect sensor , on screen Statistics ,
Measuring range 0.000-
10.000 mm, strip feeder.
Compiles to ISO, BS, DIN,
TAPPI & ASTM standards

Ink Rub / Scuff Tester

Printing ,Coatings.
Packaging, Links.
Automatic shut-off , Displays
count up, count down


Short Span Compression Tester

Automatic clamping of sample ,Touch Screen,
Statistical information.
Short Span Compression
Tester measures the
compression strength of
paper and board
compiles with ISO,


Horizontal Tensile Tester

Tensile Energy Absorption (T.E.A) indicates the
 durability of paper with are subject to repetitive and stressing
Wet Tensile Test

Pocket Goniometer PGX+

Measures Static Contact
Angle, Dynamic Contact
Angle as wetting
absorption and spreading over time
surface tension-Compiles with
TAPPI T458 , ASTM D-724
ASTM D-5946

Elmendorf Tear Teter

Automatic Specimen notching,
Mechanical pneumatic clamping avoids
sample slippage to ensure repeatable results

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