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Advanced Testing Solutions for Polymer  & Plastic Industry

Advanced Testing Solutions for Polymer  & Plastic Industry

Density Measurement | Melt Flow Index (MFI) | HDT-VICAT | Tensile | Flexural & Blend | Tear Testing | Bulk Density | Elmendorf Tear

Plastic Sample Cutting Press | Notching | Falling Dart Impact| Pendulum Impact | Falling Weight Impact | Brittleness | Intrinsic Viscosity

Automatic Density Gradient Column System

Fully Automatic Density Measurement , conforms to ISO1183 & D1505

Melt Flow Index

Model 6 : Advanced Microprocessor controlled melt flow system with Techni-test software
Model 6MPCA : Microprocessor controlled conforms to ASTM D1238 , ASTM D3364 , ISO 1133 , DIN53735 with software

Advanced HDT/VICAT

Softening point Apparatus 2 & 4 Station

HDT/VICAT Testing Conforms to ISO 75-1,
75-2, 75-3, 306 and ASTM D648 , D1525 ,
D5944 , D5945

Test Sample Cutting Press

Pneumatically operated up to 10 bar(150 psi)
with cutting force up to 50KN, 25cmX 25cm
sample platform

Advanced Falling Dart Impact Tester

Fully Microprocessor controlled
falling Dart impact tester ,
complies to ASTM D4272

Advanced Universal Pendulum Izod/Charpy Impact Tester

Advanced dedicated microprocessor
with Techni-test PC software

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