How are ULT Freezers maintained and looked after. ULT Freezers are now available at Emphor DLAS in UAE.

If your laboratory deals with molecular biology or life science, which involves cryopreservation (cold chain infrastructure) for biological samples like DNA, RNA, proteins, cell extracts, or reagent then you might be familiar with ULT freezer or known as ultra-low temperature freezer. An ultra-low temperature freezer is commonly referred to as a “minus 80 freezer” or a “negative 80 freezer”, referring to the most common temperature standard. They mostly come in upright and chest freezer formats. Apart from the scientific purpose, ULTs are used in the Tune fishing industries too. ULT freezers are commonly fitted with alarm systems that will remotely alert designated parties in the case of a freezer failure.

ULTs are in demand as some of the vaccine developed for Covid-19 has to be stored and shipped in ultra-cold temperature for its effectiveness.

ULT freezers are manufactured and designed to run at extremely low temperatures and therefore they withdraw more power. A full-sized ULT freezer yearly can cost a huge amount. The advancement of technology with improved compressor, insulation and cabinet design have resulted in better performance, significant gains in energy efficiency are often made by compromising thermal stability.

A freezer in a high usage laboratory will need to recover its temperature very quickly once they are opened. The freezer must be capable enough to get back to its temperature within minutes and stabilize the temperature inside.  For temperature stability throughout the freezer, good uniformity and quick temperature recovery times are essential. Freezer stability can be increased by cutting short open-close time using an easy door and ice proof latches. An efficient racking system can maximize storage space whilst maintaining correct air flow and ensure the door remains open for the minimum amount of time.

Laboratory Requirements and Maintenance

Chest freezers require more space than the upright freezers and are found to be more stable in temperature, due to the physics of cold air sinking and warm air rising. Small ULT will have higher energy consumption per cubic foot, therefore, going for a bigger ULT freezer in Dubai would be a better option. ULT freezers will work at their most efficiency when kept in a stable cool ambient environment.

ULT’s are made for continuous work providing reliable service to labs in Dubai. But still, being machinery, failures are inevitable. A well-designed freezer can take up to 40 hours to defrost completely, allowing time to relocate specimens. Back-up freezers can also be run at minus 40 – 60°C to save on energy usage until needed.

ULT has a default notification system that lets you know if the temperature increases after the desired value. There is also a backup for ULT freezers which can run for hours. And most ULTs comes with a stand-by compressor so the temperature can be maintained at -60°C

The efficiency of the system will decrease over time due to various mechanical as well as technical reasons. Freezers of superior construction will often have features to prolong working life and efficiency, such as flat soft seals which prevent ice from being built up. Regular maintenance is the key to the prolonged life of ULTs. Always purchase ULT from trusted and reliable dealers like Emphor DLAS, who have in-house expert servicemen and engineers.

Daily usage

  1. Always maintain the shortest open-close time. This can be achieved by using the best inventory management software in Dubai. Open the minimal amount of inner doors and close immediately after use
  2. Ensure tight locks on all doors.
  3. Remove ice build on the door regularly so that the doors don’t get jarred.
  4. Avoid overfilling the freezer as airflow is vital.
  5. Airflow is just as important around the freezer. Avoid placing items on the top and blocking the air filter.
  6. Monitor the freezer and make sure that a stable temperature is maintained. The ambient temperature needs to be cool so that when the door is open, no much temperature is lost inside the freezer.

Maintaining the proper functionality of Freeze through routine daily check is a must. You can purchase your best ULTs in Dubai from Emphordlas, one of the leading laboratory equipment suppliers in UAE