Emphor DLAS has been working closely with leading manufacturers of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), storage device manufacturers and with laboratories conducting research on the same. Our country has tried its best to overcome the pandemic in any way possible and it’s indeed a great pleasure for Emphor DLAS to be a part of it.

With various vaccines approved by the WHO, governments across the world are trying to procure enough dosages to completely vaccinate their citizens. As vaccines were released, fast-paced distribution was held to meet the demand of the people. There was a surge in the need for cold storage units, centrifugal tubes and other vaccine supplies and Emphor DLAS has tried its best to provide products and services proactively and made them available without affecting the campaign. Pfizer and Moderna vaccines were to be stored in ultra-cold storages and laboratories in our country has been effectively managing its logistic.

The latest reports from the medical fraternity of the UAE claims that more than 80% of the whole population has been vaccinated. Currently, Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 vaccines are available to children aged 12 and above. The Sinopharm vaccine is available to those aged over 16 years.

Emphor DLAS is closely monitoring the covid-19 status globally so that as responsible dealers of life-related equipment and service, we urge our brands to be always on standby in providing necessary machinery and products, be that PPE or Ultra coolers in UAE. For frequent updates, prevention tips and symptom information, please visit the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) website or the World Health Organization (WHO) website.

As an obligated distributor of various laboratory equipment in the Middle East, supplies and chemicals, we provide products that directly impact researches, front row fighters and production of vaccine. UAE will be manufacturing vaccines soon. We try our best to make sure that freezers for vaccine storage, enzyme extractors, PCR machines, PPE kits like face masks, hand gloves and sanitizers are already in stock.

If you have any technical questions or concerns regarding our products and their availability, please contact us at +971 4 3392603 to speak to our stock keepers.