This website page is only to be used for reporting suspicions of fraud or wrongdoing by Centena Group staffs, or any other party.

Please submit your suspicions in the Whistleblower Form provided below and disclose all available information including identity of the wrongdoer(s), the date, the place and the nature of events.

All such complaints shall be viewable only by the HR Manager and the CMD of Centena. Upon receiving any information on any act, which falls within the scope of whistleblowing, the HR Manager shall form a special committee to investigate the facts of the damage. The members of the Committee will include the Head of Audit & Risk, Head of Legal and HR Department or any other Department Head as nominated by the CMD and they will submit an enquiry report to the CMD within 15 days after constitution of the committee.

The form is anonymous unless you choose to disclose your identity to help with the investigation.

Whistleblower Policy

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